Caritas Healthcare Group - About Caritas

Caritas Healthcare Group - About Caritas

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At the Caritas Home Health Services, we are committed to providing home health care services that exceed your expectations.

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For years, we have provided exceptional in-home services by providing the best quality care in the homecare industry. As a result of our commitment to our patients, we are proud to say that we are considered leaders in customer services in our industry.Our mission at the Caritas Home Health Services is to provide patient-focused and comprehensive home health care services that are:Highest Quality

To continue providing quality home healthcare services to residents in Delaware, we will strictly comply with all federal, state and local regulations governing home healthcare. Our staff has a communal aim to fulfill the following care philosophies:Ensure quality home health care to patients

Educate patient and his/her family on health related issues and teach coping skills for disease and disability

Provide continuity of healthcare services to patients in their own residencies

Provide culturally competent care through staff training

Respect the rights and privacy of patients and their family

Minimize negative patient outcome, including injury, infection, decubitus sore, etc.

Maximize high level of independence during home rehabilitation

Under the Affordable Care Act, if you have Original Medicare, you may qualify for a yearly wellnessvisit and many preventive services for free. Medicare provides preventive benefits to keep you healthy including a yearly wellness visit, tobacco use cessation counseling, and a range of no-cost screenings for cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

Study Finds Home Health Patients Save 19% in Care Costs

A New Mexico health care system reported findings in June that patients who receive home heath carerather than hospital care demonstrated 19% savings, CMIO reports. The findings, published in the June edition of Health Affairs, indicate the savings were due in large part to lower average length of stay and fewer lab and diagnostics tests compared with patients in hospital acute care.

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