CONFIRMED: Three Britons diagnosed with mosquito-bite Zika viruscatch me patch me slankeplaster

The three woman were diagnosed with the mosquito-borne disease after visits to Colombia, Suriname and Guyana, according to Public Health England. An outbreak of the virus is currently being spread across South America, Central America and the Caribbean. It has also become a threat in the US, where cases have been confirmed in Florida and […]acai berry 900 action

The Vaccine Alliance, Gavi, has signed a $5m (£3.5m) deal for an Ebola vaccine, to protect against future outbreaks of the deadly disease. The deal commits pharmaceutical company Merck to keeping 300,000 vaccines ready for emergency use or further clinical trials. It will also submit an application to license the vaccine by the end of […]bliss hair λοσιόν

Wait and see buy-sell agreement offers flexibility and tax efficiency

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which type of buy-sell agreement to recommend when dealing with C Corporations. Should it be a stock redemption plan funded with employer owned insurance or a cross-purchase plan funded by cross-owned insurance? We know the surviving shareholder gets a 100 percent cost basis increase when purchasing the shares from the […]

The 11 biggest announcements from life and health insurers this week

Deloitte announced that Kenny M. Smith, a vice chairman of Deloitte LLP, has been named the U.S. leader of its financial services industry group. Smith will now oversee a team that works with 90 percent of the largest financial institutions across its audit, tax, consulting and advisory businesses and has more than 13,000 dedicated professionals. […]

Trim your tum it could be the key to a longer life, claim experts

The latest consensus is that your waist is a better measure of your health than your body mass index (BMI). And while expert opinion may have moved on from BMI it remains a useful general guide, says obesity expert David Haslam. “The standard method of assessing whether or not someone is obese is by checking […]

Un-brie-leavable: Fight cancer with CHEESE, study claims

CHEESE may work as a natural cancer fighter, the latest research has revealed. Brie, camembert and cheddar could fight around 30 types of cancer according to research published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Nisin a naturally occuring food preservative is a colourless and tasteless powder that grows on several cheeses and dairy […]

Stand-up desks may improve students’ brain function, study finds

Schools that use stand-up desks may increase more than the physical activity of students. A new U.S. study suggests that the desks could improve students’ brain function too. The small pilot study, published recently in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, found improvements in the basic cognitive skills of high school students […]

Living in high-rise buildings can affect cardiac arrest survival rates, says study

Having a cardiac arrest in a high-rise building could dramatically affect the chance of survival, a new study suggests. The study, published on Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, analyzed data from nearly 8,000 cardiac arrests that occurred in private homes in Southern Ontario. The researchers, based at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital, found that […]

How can I boost the nutrition of my meals without using supplements?

The Question How can I increase the nutritional value of my regular meals? I prefer not to take supplements. What are some healthy ingredients I can easily add to meals and snacks, and what do they offer? The Answer There are plenty of ways to infuse more fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and disease-fighting phytochemicals into […]

Leslie Beck: For healthier eating, freeze your meals

In your quest to eat healthier, don’t overlook the power of your freezer. Stocking the freezer with wholesome ingredients and batch-cooked meals can save oodles of prep time on hectic weeknights. Freezing food also reduces waste by extending the life of foods you might otherwise have thrown out. That mess of kale, for instance, will […]

Acetaminophen Wont Help Arthritis Pain, Study Finds

Genworth to settle lawsuit over long-term-care insurance unit for $219M

A big new Mexican health hotel for U.S. patients

How to deal with a medical emergency on the Space Station

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