Side Effects Of Prostate Cancer Treatments

Side Effects Of Prostate Cancer Treatments

Doctors follow a careful plan when treating prostate cancer, although it is still very difficult to avoid or limit the side effects of prostate cancer treatment. Prostate cancer treatment also damages the body’s healthy tissues and cells, causing unwanted and often serious side effects.gdzie kupić perle bleue

The side effects of prostate cancer treatment are determined on the type and measure of treatment. The possible side effects of prostate cancer treatment will be explained by the doctors and nurses who deliver your care. Ways to help relieve the symptoms may also be suggested during and after prostate cancer treatment. If you experience any side effects, it is important to let your medical professional know.max potent

Side effects following Prostate Cancer Surgeryfito spray

The most common side effect following prostate cancer surgery is pain. Most patients’ pain is controlled with medicine during the first days after surgery, although they still experience some discomfort. Pain relief should be discussed with the doctor or nurse. Many patients feel tired and have little energy for a while. The length or time each patient takes to recover varies from patient to patient.kankusta

The surgical removal of the prostate can cause permanent impotence and often causes urinary incontinence. However, these effects are becoming less common today due to new tumour removal methods being used. These techniques are known as nerve-sparing surgery and help prevent any permanent injury to the nerves which control the opening to the bladder and erection. This type of surgery is usually very successful and the urinary incontinence and impotence are only temporary. Since prostatectomy surgery prevents a man producing semen, their orgasms are dry.fuego fit kontraindikace

Side Effects following Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapymacho man cena

Radiation therapy has been known to cause patients severe fatigue. Great importance is placed upon resting, although doctors often advise those patients who have undergone radiation therapy to stay as active as possible. It is quite usual during external radiation therapy for the skin in the affected area to become dry, red and tender.vivese senso duo kur nopirkt

Hair loss in the pelvic area is also a common side effect of radiation therapy for this type of cancer. This can be in the temporary or permanent form, mainly depending on the type of radiation performed.macho man efektid

Radiation therapy can cause impotence, although this does not occur as often with radiation that has been performed internally. The nerves that control the erection are also less likely to become damaged through internal radiation.grey active ultra

Side effects following Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapyprzebarwienia skóry

Hormone therapy such as estrogen, Orchiectomy, LHRH agonist has often been found to cause side effects such as decline is sexual desire, hot flashes and impotence. LHRH agonist tends to increase the growth of tumours and make a man’s symptoms worse. This problem is known as ‘tumour flare’ and is temporary. The drug does, however cause a man’s testosterone levels to fall and without testosterone, the growth of tumours slow down and the condition improves.

Oestrogen or Antiandrogen therapy often causes vomiting, nausea, swelling o tenderness or the breasts. Oestrogen is now used less in men as it increases the risk of problems with the heart.