Symptoms of Hemorrhoids  Health and Wellness

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids Health and Wellness

Symptoms of Hemorrhoidserogan bewertungen

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Symptoms of Hemorrhoidseco slim

Hemorrhoids is a disease that occurs in the anus where his lips had swollen anus is sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Hemorrhoid disease is not only giving pain to the sufferer, but also gives a sense of inferiority and shame for hemorrhoid disease.ultra slim

In patients with hemorrhoids generally difficult to sit down and defecate due to pain when the mouth rectum or anus sphinchter under pressure. In patients with severe hemorrhoids are sometimes difficult to treat so it can be given a surgical removal of hemorrhoids which can give side effects that sometimes are not good. Hence hemorrhoids need to watch out for and handled properly so easily treated.forte love composizione

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids :
Patients will usually have bleeding hemorrhoids anus with the color of young red blood dripping or flowing through the anus / rectum. Patients will also feel there are bumps on the anus when the chapter so people will push that can aggravate hemorrhoids. Otherwise it will feel itchy anus is usually caused by viruses and bacteria that make the infection.profit maximizer foros

Internal hemorrhoid (in the rectum) usually causes painless bleeding during bowel movements. However, the blood coming out with feces may also be caused by other than hemorrhoids (eg colon cancer). If you find blood in your stools, you should immediately consult with medical experts because this is a symptom of hemorrhoids.follixin

Another hemorrhoid symptom was diarrhea that was not complete even though there is no more that can be issued. In addition, you may also feel soreness, itching or irritation around the anus. This is especially true if the hemorrhoids are “sticking out” (prolapsis). You can usually re-enter the hemorrhoid through the anus and the problem is solved, but if not can be inserted and getting bigger because of trapped outside the anus this will make you more uncomfortable.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids, among others, a painful swelling or a hard lump around the anus is formed from a blood clot. The pain usually increases during bowel movements or when sitting.

Causes of Hemorrhoids :

  1. Too much sitting
  2. chronic diarrhea
  3. Pregnancy pregnant women due to hormonal changes
  4. Descendants hemorrhoid sufferers
  5. Sexual intercourse is not uncommon
  6. Disease that makes pushing the patient
  7. Constipation / constipation
  8. Emphasis return venous blood flow, etc.

Prevention of Hemorrhoids:

  1. Run healthy lifestyle
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Eat fibrous foods
  4. Avoid too much sitting or hanging out in the toilet
  5. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, drugs, etc.
  6. Do not engage in sexual activity that is not fair
  7. Drinking enough water
  8. Do not stop urinating and defecating
  9. Do not like excessive rubbing and scratching anal
  10. Do not push too much
  11. If you do not want to poop / chapter should not be forced
  12. Soak in warm water
  13. Take medications as directed by your doctor

Treatment of Hemorrhoids :

1. Behavioral Treatment:
First, abode an ice on the adulterated breadth for ten minutes. To accord relief, chase it with a clammy and balmy anhydrate for twenty minutes. Keep affective and do not break in one position for so long. Use babyish wipes afterwards a bowel movement. Do not rub or clean anymore. Soak the adulterated breadth for 15 account in balmy water. Minimize the use of soap and ablution that contains so abundant chemical.

2. Dietary Treatment:
Extra cilia and acceptable aggregate of baptize have to be included in your diet to anticipate constipation. Ache makes hemorrhoids worse because it can accident your bowel muscles. Avoid foods that can activate or aggravate the hemorrhoid symptoms. Accepted examples are coffee, nuts, booze and ambrosial foods.

3. Medication :
Some of the analysis for Hemorrhoid can be begin in the angishore abreast you. They are Zinc, Hydrocortisone creams, algid sprays and suppositories.

symptoms of hemorrhoids