Eat Your BreakfastPower Up For Your Day!   Nick Clark Health (NCH)

Eat Your BreakfastPower Up For Your Day! Nick Clark Health (NCH)

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Eat Your BreakfastPower Up For Your Day!fito spray заказать

May 14, 2011 By Nick Leave a Commentkankusta duo pret

Theres a good deal of science behind eating  balanced breakfast.  It sets you up to succeed for the entire day.

Improved mood. Eating breakfast can lift your mood. Studies show that people who dont eat breakfast are more tired and irritable.

More energy to face the day. Before you eat in the morning, your body is running on empty. You get energy from high-quality protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Better concentration. Eating breakfast also improves your ability to problem solve. Youll be more productive and better able to handle tasks that require memory.

Weight management. Studies show that if you eat breakfast, youre more likely to be at a healthy weight than people who dont eat breakfast.

Breakfast foods can also provide a lot of vitamins and minerals. For instance, if you eat a bowl of whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk and a glass of orange juice, youll have consumed your total daily needs of vitamin C and about one-third of your calcium, thiamin, and riboflavin requirements for the day. Youll also have a good supply of fiber, iron, and folate, especially if you choose a high-fiber cereal. By missing out on breakfast, you might be missing out on some really great nutrients.

Enjoy your day and chow down on some breakfast tomorrow morning!


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