I may have an std...help!? - 666health.com/Diseases-Conditions

I may have an std...help!? - 666health.com/Diseases-Conditions

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My boyfriend had blister like bumps on his penis and i didnt notice it until after we did it. The doctor said it may be herpes and did a blood test on us both. I want to know, can anyone with herpes become my support peer? I need to know i am not alone! I am crying now, damn. I feel so dirty. He and i have been together for a year now. Why is it that people come out with HIV but those with herpes keep it to themselves? My life is going to ghange forever now...bliss hair forum

You are right Your Life is forever changed, but with the bad there always comes good. Now you know to be safe and always use a condom. Just because you have herpes does not mean you will not lead a happy fufilled life, it just means that you have to be more aware of your body, stress levels and now you will have the hard job of informing all of your new partners about this. It is a very hard thing to do, But you have to do it so they can make the choice of being with you or not.varicobooster avis

Cheer up, I know you feel dirty and gross but thoes feelings will go away, what you have to do now i just accept the fact that you do or may have it. You have to come to an understanding with yourself and get informed on the correct ways to deal with an outbreak. There are pills you can take when an outbreak accours and there are also the same pills but with a lower dose that you can take once a day if you and your doctor choose.

Just remember this is not something someone can know from just looking at you, you may feel like everyone knows but they dont. Just you and your partner know and you should talk to your partner to make sure it stays that way.

Good luck and feel free to e mail me :) First thing is this: If you hadnt been with anyone else, then your boyfriend has been unfaithful, or had got it before he met you and didnt know it. If they are tiny blisters behind the head of the penis, it could be from excessive/ long periods of sex and if you had sex near your menstruation period, he could get a tempoerary rash that goes away and is not an STD. Has he had any other outbreaks? Ahhh Honey cheer up! Your life isnt over. I found out I had herpes when I was 17. I got it from my boyfriend, married him later because I thought I was dirty and trashy and noone else would want me. He didnt tell me he had it. I was married to him for 5 yrs and suffered mental, physical and sexual abuse. And all because I had herpes and thought I was worthless. I finally left him and started dating again. I am now married to a wonderful man who does not have herpes. Weve been together for 8 yrs now.

So dry those tears honey youll be fine. I promise! If you ever need to talk you can email me anytime. Smile!! :) You arent alone. I know this may sound mean, but Im going to be real with you. YOU SHOULD HAVE NOT BEEN HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX TO BEGIN WITH. You are an adult & I am sure you know in your right mind that you need to use condoms. You hear it every where you go. Its common sense. I know you love your boyfriend but you need to love yourself more. Now, you are faced with a Sexually Transmitted Disease that you are stuck with forever. You & your boyfriend should have been tested BEFORE you decided to have sex. Its always smart to know your partner is CLEAN 100% before engaging in any sexual contact with them. If your not being smart, then you have to face the consequences. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! im gona let you know cheer up its ok move on i know its easy for me to say but youll get over it longest you dont have a outbreak youll be ok but if you do have and outbreak dont have sex but always use protection You may never show signs at all actually. It is estimated that 80% of american population has oral herpes and over 20% genital herpes. So many people have it and dont even know it. Cheer up honey...Its ok. Dont be so down in the dumps about it. Its obvious that hes the dirty one. A lot of people are walking around with STD and dont know it. Some show no symptoms. No need to feel like your the only one. This happens all of the time. Good Luck Your life does not have to change, like anything else you deal with it and move on. If you do have herpes you dont have to let it define you. If you do have it - in the future always be honest with your partners about it - give them the opportunity to make an informed choice. go get checked ther is free confidential offices everywhere so just go. well ur a silly girl arnt u! next time u ever pick up a guy make sure u always take him into a brite lite a give there penis a good check good luck babe u know they are forever though You are not alone. You may not have herpes at all. It may be genital warts that he has, which is caused by the human papilloma virus. 25% of Americans have herpes. It is natural to feel dirty but your life isnt over. You can meet others who suffer from the virus, form support groups, or just be informative. Search the internet for support groups and places you can go to for therapy. The medicine and health information post by website user , 666health.com not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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