Top Five Skills to Acquire in a Beauty Therapy Course

Top Five Skills to Acquire in a Beauty Therapy Course

For an exciting career as a beautician or cosmetologist in the high profile parlors, undertaking a vocational beauty course is a must. There are many skills students can imbibe in such a course. A Diploma in Cosmetology or Skin or a Certificate in Makeup Artistry can do wonders for your career and take it to another level. Let’s discuss top 5 skills that the learners can acquire in a beauty program.dr farin man

Nail care and cure: Basic and advanced manicures, pedicures, temporary nail extensions and other nail therapies are the topics covered in a beauty therapy course. Students will learn aboutcollamask

• Selecting the correct oil for a client’s cuticleseco slim

• Shaping, cleaning, filing, polishing the finger and toe nails

• Application of paraffin wax for softening the cuticles

• Use of fake nail gels or acrylics

• Treating nail infections

Skin care tricks: Here the apprentices will be taught various skin care therapies and choosing the best cosmetic products for particular types of skin. They will learn to cope with allergenic skin types, cosmetics suitable for sensitive skin, products that will not cause breakouts on an oily skin etc. Right from basic facials to the most scientifically advanced ones, they will learn about fruit facials, gold facials, chocolate facials to the more latest scientific ones like hydrating facials, collagen facials, anti-tan, anti-aging facials etc. Facials are no more confined only to give people a glowing skin, in fact now they have become the panacea for all skin problems like wrinkles, acnes, sagging skin, pigmentation and tanning. The future practitioners have to know all the facets and tricks of skin care in a beauty course.

Hair styling intricacies: Dealing with the client’s hair is not an easy task. Some of the theoretical and practical classes of a beauty therapy course focus on hair trichology, shampoo and conditioning, tong setting, hair cutting/ styling/ coloring, hair straightening, perming etc. The students are taught not only to beautify the client’s hair but also deal with different types of hair syndromes. The students are also learnt to use scissors and combs correctly while performing various hair therapies on the clients.

Safety and cleanliness: Hygiene and safety of the customers on the daily and long term basis are some important things that the instructors at a beauty course will teach you. You will also be taught to keep yourself safe while performing several beauty treatments. It would be a risky proposition to use the various hair and skin care chemicals without knowing its dosage and probable consequences.

Dealing with customers: Customer care and client dealing is another skill you will acquire in a beauty course. This is an important skill to obtain, as the beauty industry is extremely customer centric and the higher the quality of your beauty service, the more number of customers will come to you, no matter whether you are working as an autonomous service provider or in a beauty parlor.

As trends change tastes of people change, so acquiring the vitals skills is very much the need of the hour to excel in the fashion industry. So hone your skills now, by enrolling for a beauty course.

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