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NBR Program - Wednesday, April 29th PBS

Top stories include: Ken Lewis loses Chairmanship of Bank of America, and Chrysler-Fiat deal deadline approaches. Plus, first quarter GDP drops, but economists are optimistic. And, a Money File with Jason Zweig of The Wall Street Journal.

[0:02:18] ... can be a better company it''s just whether they can survive the surgery. And cut out a bit better and stronger than -- ... [0:15:24] ... fox -- brokerage which upgraded that whole sector from underweight to market weight. By either a four cent gain there JPMorgan Chase and affirm banking group up two dollars 69. Funny -- and -- GE US deal which reported a -- first quarter loss yesterday down 65 cents Ford Motor 26 cent gain AIG is seven cent advance. And then came AT&T with a thirteen cent loss. Wal-Mart star the Dow up a dollar and 98 the company had some strong eastern sailed up about 7%. And also said ... [0:16:40] ... estimate. The big oil company -- up a dollar and 951. Quarter loss of eighteen cent but the street -- looking for a loss of 28 cents a that was better than expected. And then Leo oil service company Baker -- up three dollars and 11 ... [0:17:59] ... Google did well up seven dollars 76. Research in Motion dollar 31 loss there. Dendreon which was all over the place yesterday up 1113 today after falling late in the session yesterday but the company''s ...

Today''s Clips Include: Entertainment News... Swine Flu Outbreak... Bizarre File... Dennis Leary on the phone... E-mails and Pizza Bubbles and Milo Ventimiglia on the phone... Problems with Gum... Hollywood Trash and Music News... Wrap Up..........

[0:20:25] ... million dollars short. And then one more quick thing a form a loss to employee is suing the star Henry ion accusing yeah Desmond. Any NCAA is suing ABC as well claiming the -- Alter ... [0:50:31] ... in serious but stable condition of and out of intensive care after surgery on Friday it''s format specify exactly -- what are your symptoms blade in fate. Not really not feeling well I can let ... [0:55:37] ... seen this show meant. It''s it''s 24 really strong arm experienced a loss headliner. ... [2:02:24] ... right into it meant for eating left -- actually meant for weight being very yeah yes. Yet because they don''t. Believe incorporate audio -- I believe. I look at how. Yeah. -- ...

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Bill''s take on the swine flu.

[0:11:02] ... can division didn''t condition can develop after about -- infection. Or following surgery or vaccination. And the pandemic. Never unfolded as a matter of fact. The one to us was that original soldier. Who -- ... [0:20:24] ... it. And it is no finding out by the way sickness weakness weight loss fever night sweats. Disease and lungs include coughing chest pain in the infamous coughing up -- be noticed consumption. Number doc Holliday. ... [0:21:51] ... Early symptoms include fever fatigue body aches headache rash loss of appetite diarrhea and vomiting. Sounds like the -- And the early symptoms fade away but the infection spreads. Simpson''s. Most obvious ...

Listen to more...Reis on Keynes, Macroeconomics, and Monetary Policy

Ricardo Reis of Columbia University talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about Keynesian economics in the classroom and in research. Reis argues that Keynesian models are a useful framework for helping undergraduates understand macroeconomic ideas of general equilibrium. More generally, Reis argues, Keynesian ideas remain influential in macroeconomic research, particularly among Neo-Keynesians. Reis discusses the lessons the economics profession and the world have learned from the Great Depression and suggests that those lessons have helped us manage the current crisis. The conversation closes with a discussion of whether economics is a science.

[0:03:31] ... we teach the undergraduate just not present at all and now -- surgery and are proud of a lighter than we should go and teach it. And provide phone book that transfer my class and ... [0:41:42] ... the wind banks collapsed at a very large scale. There''s -- great loss of information and there''s that huge disruption to the weight which -- cattle from investors to Barton caught. Really learn about how. The point may have been meet earlier I think it''s ...

Today''s Clips Include: Entertainment News... Riley Cote... Bizarre File... Monica Selles, Win a Date with Kyle Eckel, Tori Spelling... Win a Date Winner... Man Bulges... Hollywood Trash and Movie Dubbing... Wrap Up

[0:15:58] ... the -- sacked from the -- her churn out familiar weight smartly -- bad for the day. It''s horrible the -- and did you. Even movies but I want to see it I ... [0:28:43] ... before in -- one of the NHL playoffs. Hi John -- loss of your. Eagles is -- by Kyle ankle. ... [0:29:35] ... of an injury in your fingered it yet I''m glad I reconstruction surgery just enough resume plural -- so she. Yeah parallel its -- that''s got to be very I''d delicate surgery because obviously year you know use your fingers for -- But I imagine takes a lot of a lot of us genome ... [0:47:46] ... tonight here in the studio to tell -- so it''s -- surgery outpatient thing but I think you need to -- to some -- nested size well not well yeah but I -- that doesn''t mean they can''t -- that they maybe put -- iPod and I don''t get my -- pot yeah I''m wondering if that is even possible if not we don''t have to do -- here we can do it you know at the clinic if you -- semi -- easily -- and we can put -- partitions in here and they can bring -- necessary clinic visits outpatient surgery and maybe we can do -- I don''t know what what -- at what level of -- of medical and company -- ... [1:48:17] ... I''ve been I''ve been married element twenty years -- And dirty covered loss. ...

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