Do You Have HEALTHY EATING DISORDER? (Orthorexia)  Health Lifestyles 4u

Do You Have HEALTHY EATING DISORDER? (Orthorexia) Health Lifestyles 4u


Do You Have HEALTHY EATING DISORDER? (Orthorexia)fungalor

Delight READ th box more info. Watch th video through Ill sharing more аbt Orthorexia n take a small quiz t try out whether h a Healthyjinx repellent magic rituaali

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Hi my lovelies, pleased to know that most of you find this quiz helpful. Its

not meant to scare you, instead I hope itll help you to find the balance

between eating food thats both excellent for your body and soul. Lets aim to

practice moderation. Lots of Like xx

I had a lot of yeses, but I found that even when I do have a cheat meal, or

I eat differently, I see that my stomach or other parts of my body get

larger then they were before and they stay like that for a long time

afterward. How do I become less-obsessed when I see that my progress has

just been ruined? Also, I am going on this camp retreat with my school for

about 5 days. I have nearly no control on what they serve us and I guess I

am worried of my progress being lost. If you have any tips or guidance for

Hi Joanna i answered yes to all the questions and im starting to lose my

friends because of it my life is changing and i dont want that i punish

myself by fasting when i break my diet and my parents are getting nervous

about it because they reckon i have an eating disorder ! Help ? 

I answered yes to 7 questions:( know i have an eating problem somewhere

between this and anorexia, lost so much weight and am pretty underweight:(

trying to recover but progress is minimal as it is so hard! Thanks for

I have 8 yeses, but dear joanna i have more weight on my 162 cm body than

you and i reckon its because i reckon if I get thinner then ill eat a

small bit more food that is enjoyable for example chocolatei feel

stout with 57 kilo and i reckon thats the wits that i cant stop with

I had this disorder after having anorexia and it was hell. All I ate was

fruits and vegetables luckily Im on my way to recovery. Thank you for your

videos they are very informative and and you taught me a lot 

this sounds like me! i have recently started to weigh out my food and

recording everything on myfitnesspal to regard my daily macros! all i want

is to lose body stout but i reckon im becoming orthorexic :s 

This sounds exactly like Freelee the banana girl!!!!! Delight let me know

what you reckon about her, I cant choose. But if she does have orthorexia

i had this after anorexia but ive recovered now 

Do you have Healthy Eating Disorder? Well, watch this video through as Ill

be sharing more about it and do the quiz to try out whether you have a

Healthy Eating Disorder. Let me know in the comments below.

Do Share Like this video. Subscribe to my channel too. Lots of Like =)

hi for that beginner workout can climbing up and down stairs be considered

Thank you for posting this Joanna I learned that i have this disorder

a few months ago, and maybe borderline anorexic, as well as exercise

obsession. Yes, to pretty much all the questions. I developed this while

pregnant, as a result of just wanting to be in excellent health, unlike my previous

eating habits, and it spiraled out of control. I do wish it was medically

recognized. Still trying to recover, will hopefully gain some weight by the

I got 9 out of ten yeses.. +Joanna Soh Im vegan, i dont have a problem

eating in public n social situations once i result in food or the place caters

to the way i eat, people question me what i eat all the time and its permanently an

fascinating conversation and i dont feel threatened by the food they

order, i spend a lot of time researching repayment of specific foods and

food plotting which i may switch around according to whats available during

the day but everything i eat is clean. I stay away from all things oily due

to unwanted stout and processed/packaged items if i cant recognize an

ingredient. I eat vegan pizzas each once in a while , Im picky when

others offer me food and turn down to partake in it unless they can recite

each ingredient lol. This is the first time im hearing about Orthorexia .

The Internet has become the least reliable source for healthy dieting and

nutrition (of course, my opinion). Everybody is going to say something

different about what works and doesnt work; not to mention all the fit

pics that can plummet your self confidence into thinking you should look

I knew since a while that something with me and my relationship to my food

is incorrect. I am getting to obsessed with this topic. It ruins me mentally

and now physacly too. Yes to 10/10 questions. 

Very informative, Joanna! Freelee the Banana Girl (here at You Tube)

sounds like she has Orthorexia! Watch her videos you will see what I

I scored the same 2 you did!

Boy I dont have this problem!

Oh. You should have a chitchat with freelee the banana girl. Shes so

obsessed about eating the excellent stuffs, i reckon she had this issue.

Im FAR from being orthorexic but its excellent to know what to watch out for!

I answered yes to all.. I need help..

I answered 6 out of 10 of them yes. o.o

Theres a disorder for just about everything nowadays. I dont reckon

any person is considered normal anymore these days.

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