Glendale California Healthcare Directory

Glendale California Healthcare Directory

Glendale Healthcare ListingsA C Products-AC Botanicals508 Raymond AveGlendale, CA 91201-2555(182)433-3724Advantage Home & Health Servic401 N Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91203-2305(182)429-9641Advantage Home & Health Svc401 N Brand Blvd # 650Glendale, CA 91203-4433(182)429-9641Adventist Health HM Care Svcs1500 E Chevy Chase Dr # 205Glendale, CA 91206-4189(182)470-0820Adventist Health Home Care Svc281 Harvey Dr # CGlendale, CA 91206-4112(184)098-8299Adventist Health Home Care Svc1509 Wilson TerGlendale, CA 91206-4007(182)470-0820All Care Home Health100 W Broadway # 830Glendale, CA 91210-1202(182)419-9120Angels Visiting Living Assitan1017 N Pacific AveGlendale, CA 91202-2313(185)491-1400Arpi Inc Home Health Care801 S Chevy Chase DrGlendale, CA 91205-4431(182)393-3949Asd Supply Inc343 Pioneer DrGlendale, CA 91203-1786(182)816-6188Asya Home Health Care AgencyGlendale, CA 91204-0000(182)448-8191At Home Health Svc517 E Wilson Ave # 200Glendale, CA 91206-5902(189)561-1361Athena Home Health Svc Inc512 E Wilson AveGlendale, CA 91206-4351(185)076-6608Autumn Hills Convalescent Home430 N Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91206-3309(182)465-5677Bally Total Fitness623 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204-2008(182)402-2425Beacon Health Systems412 W BroadwayGlendale, CA 91204-4117(189)565-5460Best Choice Health Svc Inc460 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204-1602(186)388-8747California Diagnostic Income424 W Colorado StGlendale, CA 91204-1569(185)536-6607Central Brand Medical Group319 S Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91204-1701(182)400-0006Central Home Health Care Inc1557 The Midway StGlendale, CA 91208-2802(185)001-1254CignaP.O. BOX 2125Glendale, CA 91209-2125(185)006-6262Citywide Home Care Inc1451 E Chevy Chase DrGlendale, CA 91206-4056(185)029-9151Constant Care Hm Health Agency914 N Glendale Ave # BGlendale, CA 91206-2129(182)461-1133Constant Care Home Health Agcy914 N Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91206-2129(182)461-1133Coram Healthcare1049 Grand Central AveGlendale, CA 91201-3010(189)565-5007CQI Homecare520 E Wilson Ave # 230Glendale, CA 91206-4396(185)494-4830Crown Home Health Care627 S Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91205-2315(185)457-7070Custom Probiotics3000 Honolulu Ave # 4Glendale, CA 91214-3767(182)483-3529Dependable Home Health356 W Colorado StGlendale, CA 91204-1603(185)482-2684Friendz Healthcare Svc Inc309 Sinclair Ave # AGlendale, CA 91206-4029(185)029-9340Fruits & Nuts1200 S Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91204-2641(185)437-7032General Home Health Care126 S Jackson StGlendale, CA 91205-4922(185)075-5600Gentle Hands415 E Harvard StGlendale, CA 91205-1057(182)446-6942Glen Medical631 E Colorado StGlendale, CA 91205-1797(182)415-5707Glendale Adventist Medical Ctr1509 Wilson TerGlendale, CA 91206-4007(184)098-8000Glendale Counseling Ctr1521 W Glenoaks Blvd # 2bGlendale, CA 91201-3150(185)472-2865Glendale Home Health Care601 E Glenoaks Blvd # 108Glendale, CA 91207-1760(185)022-2121Glendale Memorial Breast Ctr1520 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204-2538(185)022-2233Glendale Memorial Home Health1420 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204-2594(185)022-2363Glendale Verdugo Guest Home721 Cordova AveGlendale, CA 91206-2115(185)075-5048Glenridge Center611 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204-2008(186)377-7727GNC122 S Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91204-1308(185)020-0261Gogian David House1239 Alma StGlendale, CA 91202-2014(185)029-9901Golden State Behavioral Mdcl222 W Eulalia St # 200hGlendale, CA 91204-2851(185)431-1214Golden State Lodge516 S Pacific AveGlendale, CA 91204-1424(185)021-1680Good Care-Fax456 W Stocker StGlendale, CA 91202-3257(185)457-7501Grandcare Home Health Svc1016 E BroadwayGlendale, CA 91205-4532(182)448-8446Great Earth Vitamins234 N Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91203-2610(182)414-4164Great West Healthcare Glendale655 N Central AveGlendale, CA 91203-1422(185)399-9000Great-West Healthcare500 N Central Ave FL 8Glendale, CA 91203-3905(184)090-0880Health Alliance Home Care136 S Orange StGlendale, CA 91204-1325(184)091-1780Health Care Managemnet1332 S Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91205-3349(182)476-6200Health Services Dept of501 N Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91206-3312(185)005-5776Heavenly Nursing610 E Acacia Ave APT 11Glendale, CA 91205-3073(182)445-5543Holy Angel Home Health Care1540 W Glenoaks BlvdGlendale, CA 91201-1930(185)070-0100Holy Angel Home Health Care In1540 W Glenoaks BlvdGlendale, CA 91201-1930(185)070-0100Horizons Unlimited Employment512 E Wilson Ave # 304Glendale, CA 91206-4351(182)469-9572Interstate Rehab333 E Glenoaks Blvd # 204Glendale, CA 91207-2098(182)445-5656JCG Healthcare Provisions1905 Victory BlvdGlendale, CA 91201-2571(189)555-5118Kaiser Permanente700 N Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91203-1247(185)476-6400Kirkwood Assisted Living917 N Louise StGlendale, CA 91207-2084(182)919-9220Leisure Vale Retirement Hotel413 E Cypress StGlendale, CA 91205-3334(182)442-2323Life Home Care229 N Central Ave Ste 505Glendale, CA 91203-3540(182)472-2363Lira Tl Care535 N Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91203-1905(182)429-9147Los Angeles County Health Svc501 N Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91206-3312(185)005-5762Loving Care405 Ivy St # 107Glendale, CA 91204-1257(184)825-5155LPG415 E Harvard StGlendale, CA 91205-1057(185)473-3322LPG Home Care415 E Harvard StGlendale, CA 91205-1057(185)473-3359M B C Home Health Services1512 Gardena AveGlendale, CA 91204-2712(185)029-9416Mae Morgan Home Care434 W Colorado St # 100Glendale, CA 91204-3082(185)471-1025Maxluis Dominguiz110 S Adams StGlendale, CA 91205-1312(185)508-8268MBC Home Health Svc Inc1512 Gardena AveGlendale, CA 91204-2712(185)029-9416Mcla Psychiatric Medical Group1560 E Chevy Chase DrGlendale, CA 91206-4197(182)400-0340Millennium Health Plus3704 1/2 Foothill BlvdGlendale, CA 91214-1722(182)486-6023Modern Support Svc LLCGlendale, CA 91204-0000(182)442-2677Montrose Home Healthcare230 N Maryland AveGlendale, CA 91206-4261(185)450-0211Nature Mart Inc1500 Gardena AveGlendale, CA 91204-2712(185)531-1970New Horizon Home Health Care815 E Colorado St # 100Glendale, CA 91205-4523(182)444-4007Nurses Touch Hm Health Prvdrs1451 E Chevy Chase DrGlendale, CA 91206-4056(185)004-4877One Health Plan of California655 N Central Ave # 1900Glendale, CA 91203-1441(185)399-9000Pacific West Hand Center Inc601 E Glenoaks Blvd # 208Glendale, CA 91207-1766(185)481-1826Palmer House555 E Palmer Ave # 100Glendale, CA 91205-4713(185)511-1330Partners Home Health Inc815 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204-2046(182)477-7650Partners Home Health Inc815 S Central Ave Ste 26Glendale, CA 91204-4301(182)477-7650Pegasus Home Health Care132 N Maryland AveGlendale, CA 91206-4235(185)511-1932Pegasus Home Health Care1025 N Brand BlvdGlendale, CA 91202-2950(185)481-1239Physicians Mutual Insurance Co2653 E Glenoaks BlvdGlendale, CA 91206-3108(185)677-7488Pre Op Assistamnent Area1505 Wilson TerGlendale, CA 91206-4071(184)098-8087Principal Health Care & Spls454 S Central Ave # BGlendale, CA 91204-4763(182)914-4065Pritikin Longevity Ctr1037 Avonoak TerGlendale, CA 91206-1507(185)470-0277Professional Health Care Inc1487 1/2 E Chevy Chase DrGlendale, CA 91206-4008(182)441-1440Professional In Home Care135 S Jackson StGlendale, CA 91205-4916(185)071-1065Promptcare Health Svc Inc454 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204-4760(185)001-1902R M Global Health Inc415 E Harvard StGlendale, CA 91205-1057(185)474-4567Rehabilitation California Dept425 W Broadway Ste 200Glendale, CA 91204-1210(185)512-2141Rightcare Home Health Services411 N Central AveGlendale, CA 91203-2081(185)008-8353Royal Palms Convalescent Hosp630 W BroadwayGlendale, CA 91204-1008(182)473-3395Safe Nursing349 Burchett St APT 5Glendale, CA 91203-1320(185)482-2459Saint Paul Home Care1341 E Colorado StGlendale, CA 91205-1462(182)423-3303Servicios Generales Reina De417 Irving AveGlendale, CA 91201-2509(189)566-6066SHPS Inc111 E Broadway # 205Glendale, CA 91205-1044(182)915-5641Southern Cal Presbt Homes516 Burchett StGlendale, CA 91203-1014(182)470-0420Southern California Health908 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204-2005(186)388-8558St Anne Home Care139 S Verdugo Rd # BGlendale, CA 91205-1492(185)490-0889St Anthony Hospice310 N Verdugo RdGlendale, CA 91206-3943(182)419-9539Summerville At Casa Glendale426 Piedmont AveGlendale, CA 91206-3448(182)467-7457Sunplus Home Health - Glendale425 E Colorado St Ste 700Glendale, CA 91205-1675(185)468-8200Tech-Med Home Health Agency1930 W Glenoaks Blvd # 11Glendale, CA 91201-1650(188)425-5141Trinity Nursing Care127 W Chestnut St APT 11aGlendale, CA 91204-1761(185)020-0586Twins Quality Home Health Care1341 E Colorado StGlendale, CA 91205-1462(182)422-2499Unison Health Svc Inc721 E BroadwayGlendale, CA 91205-4951(182)435-5575UNUM Life Insurance Co Amer101 N Brand Blvd Ste 900Glendale, CA 91203-2698(182)474-4151USA Home Health Inc1415 E Colorado StGlendale, CA 91205-1533(182)445-5112V P Discount Health Food607 N Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91206-2408(182)401-1948V P Dynamic Diagnostic Svc600 W Broadway # 260Glendale, CA 91204-1039(186)388-8385Verdugo Hills Psychtherapy Ctr410 Arden Ave Ste 203Glendale, CA 91203-4007(182)416-6780Verdugo Hosp Wound Care Ctr1808 Verdugo Blvd Ste 413Glendale, CA 91208-1468(189)522-2239Visiones Home Health Care1220 Mariposa StGlendale, CA 91205-3254(182)465-5527Vital Care Home Health Agency416 E Broadway Ste 200Glendale, CA 91205-1046(182)443-3256Vna Care517 E Wilson Ave # 200Glendale, CA 91206-5902(189)561-1860West Healthcare1505 Wilson TerGlendale, CA 91206-4071(182)470-0820White Oak Plus Hm Health Care434 W Colorado StGlendale, CA 91204-1567(185)511-1900Winds or Manor1230 E Wilson AveGlendale, CA 91206-4629(182)447-7219titan gel

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