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Nutrition and HealthOne of the major links between our food and our

health lies in the microscopic world of "enzymes." Enzymes catalyze

chemical reactions in the world, specifically, in our bodies. They

are a biological key to unlocking the nutritional content of foods

and a major factor in "metabolism." Oftentimes, an increased

metabolic rate can speed the body''s fat-burning functions. Enzymes

are extraordinarily complex and play very important roles in the

functioning of the immune and digestive systems.

The body manufactures most enzymes, but some “co-factors,” needed

to transport chemicals from one enzyme to another, are only

obtained from the diet. This is one of the reasons that a healthy

and varied diet can improve a person''s health. Much is yet to be

discovered in the intricate realm of enzymes, but their importance

cannot be overplayed. One possible link between the our bodies''

digestive and immunological processes is that enzymes may play

cross-systemic roles; in other words, when our bodies require the

use of our immune system''s resources for digestion, they may not be

available when we need them otherwise. Additionally, in the absence

of ideal digestive resources, our remarkable bodies make do. This

is where stomach acid (Can you say, “heartburn”?) comes into play.

Our bodies do not access every potential nutrient that passes

thorough them, but assisting this ability where we can may improve

Since most of us do not live in some sort of fruitarian utopia, we

must make do with the resources available to us. Fortunately, this

includes access to nutritional supplements. While obtaining our

nutrients from foods seems ideal. It''s not always realistic. No

matter how much we know and how much we may try to satisfy all of

our bodies’ nutritional needs, we are bound to need to pick up a

quick bite to eat from time to time. It’s not the end of the world.