Preventing Moisture In Crawl Space

Preventing Moisture In Crawl Space

Preventing moisture in your crawl space involves taking multiple precautionary steps:
1) Check your gutter system. Make sure it''s not clogged. It needs to be sized carefully for the slope of your roof. Drain spouts should be pointed away from the house, and grading should be sloped away from the house. Many so-called gutter guard products only work in light rain. With heavy rains the water runs right off the roof, over the guard tops, and onto the ground near your house.

2) Crawl space vents should be properly installed. If they are at or below grade, rain and moisture on the top of the ground can go right through those vents, into your crawl space. In many instances it is best to keep crawl space vents closed year-round. In the summer when people often open them, damp air enters the crawl space and condenses on air conditioning ducts and water pipes. It essentially "rains" in the crawl space. It''s best to seal up those vents and don''t open them in the summer or any other time of the year.femmax

3) Check your crawl space access doors. Doors at or near grade are vulnerable to rainwater pooling against them and going under them into your crawl space. orion code

4) Foundations should be waterproofed from the outside and have footing such as gravel along the bottom of the foundation exterior to to collect rainwater. Many homes are built with the foundation footing just 12 to 18 inches below grade. Any kind of inward sloping grade can cause water to build up in the crawl space without proper drainage, and old drainage systems often get clogged over time with dirt, roots and debris.detoxic hind

5) Attack the problem from the inside. Waterproof the foundation from the inside using an interior French drainage system and covering the ground. This is how Healthy Environments prevents moisture in crawl spaces for many homeowners. Just 700 square feet of dirt can generate 10 gallons of water vapor evaporating into your crawl space on a typical day. That''s why our installations have an interior drainage system to carry off the excess moisture. impreskin

Our Neutocrete® system is the only crawl space sealing product that provides you maximum protection, preventing moisture problems in your crawl space. Call Healthy Environments today at 1-866-573-2548 or use our online contact form to discuss your situation and arrange a home inspection. Learn more about Neutocrete® and our other products here.thermacuts

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Photos show wet crawl space problems above, and a clean, dry crawl space sealed with Neutocrete® in the bottom picture.

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