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The Doctors at Integrated Health Solutions have been featured on CBS News and ABC News being interviewed on the extraordinary results their unique, scientific approach gets with Type II Diabetes & Hypothyroid!formexplode forum

Q. Kentucky is the 4th worst state in the nation with Type II Diabetes. What exactly  needs to be treated to reverse Type II Diabetes and provide long-term, sustainable results, and not just the temporary results patients are used to getting with Diabetic pills and shots ?knee active

A. (Listen to this ABC News TV Interview)

Q. Why do diabetics usually get worse over time, in spite of taking diabetic medications and taking insulin shots?  Why does the conventional approach with pills and shots provide just temporary results and rarely  reverses or cures Type II Diabetes?

A. (Listen to this ABC News TV Interview)

Q. So many women suffer from Hypo-thyroid. How does your unique approach provide long-term results improving the symptoms of Thyroid dysfunction?  How does your approach differ from conventional care treatment of the Thyroid?

A. (Listen to this ABC News TV Interview)

Q. You’re getting amazing results in reversing Type II Diabetes. Can you share with us, how do people get Type II Diabetes?  And, how do you specifically approach reversing Type II Diabetes?

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Q. Diabetics are following their doctors advise, yet get only temporary results, and this is so frustrating to them.  How can people with Type II Diabetes get long-term results?  How can your approach, your Type II Diabetes program, provide people with the long-term, the long lasting results so many are looking for?

A. (Listen to this ABC News TV Interview)

Q. Diabetes is extremely frustrating and conventional care only provides temporary relief. With your Type II Diabetes approach, what are some of the specific  issues you address to provide completely different results for people suffering from Type II Diabetes?

A. (Listen to this CBS News TV Interview)

Q. Your testimonials are just extraordinary with weight loss, increased energy and normal blood sugars.  How are you getting these incredible results?  How are you finding the magic in treating Type II Diabetes?  And what are your patients saying about their lives now after getting the results of your Diabetes program?

A. (Listen to this ABC News TV Interview)

Q. Diabetes is so frustrating and leads to so many complications with heart disease, blindness and amputation.  How do you know what exactly to treat in each individual  who suffers from Type II Diabetes?

A. (Listen to this ABC News TV Interview)

Dr’s Miller & Miller of Integrated Health Solutions featured on ABC 36 Noon News!

Dr. Mark Miller, Director and Michele Miller, Patient Services Coordinator on WKTV 27 / CBS News.

All News Segments are actual News Segments from WKTV 27 (CBS News) and WTVQ 36 (ABC News)

Note:   After nearly 34 years, Dr. Mark Miller has semi-retired, and is currently no longer personally providing integrated care, clinical nutrition or chiropractic care to patients. At present, Dr. Miller is director and healthcare consultant to Integrated Health Solutions. At present, Dr. Mark Miller  is not a licensed chiropractor in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Therefore, he is unable to provide the professional services governed by KRS 312.   All professional services offered in this facility will be performed by licensed practitioners.

From CBS and ABC News Segments, Many Patients Come To Us From All Over Lexington, Kentucky And Far Beyond.

The News segments have been great for the community. Many of our patients seeking help with Type II Diabetes & Hypothyroid, have heard of us from the ABC and CBS News segments and come to our facility in the city of Lexington, Kentucky with many being referred to our facility from the News and other patients in the Lexington, Kentucky area. While hearing the News, those seeking help from poor health to pain, hearing about us from the News segments, coming from Lexington, Kentucky, or those coming from an hour up to three hours from Lexington, Kentucky, are all to happy to be able to find a doctor in Lexington, Kentucky who can reverse the disease processes of poor health from Type II Diabetes, Neuropathy, Hypothyroid, Asthma or Fibromyalgia. Many who hear about us on the CBS and ABC News segments are expressing the same thing…”Lexington Kentucky is not to far to drive for this life changing and life saving care!” Thank goodness for ABC and CBS News segments!

Many diabetics have heard about us from CBS and ABC News segments. For people who suffer with Type II Diabetes, Neuropathy, Hypothyroid, Asthma or Fibromyalgia find that Lexington, Kentucky is not to far to drive, especially for an individual to get their health restored and their life back in order. The News reaches a huge audience. Due to the ABC and CBS News, many of our patients come to us not only from Lexington Kentucky, but from communities that surround the city of Lexington, Kentucky, as well as hundreds of miles away. The ABC and CBS News reaches that far. Lexington Kentucky is a wonderful city and is centrally located with easy access for patients to get to. As the CBS and ABC News segments can attest to: Lexington, Kentucky has beautiful weather all year round with a moderate winter so coming to Lexington, Kentucky all year around is easy to do. ABC and CBS News continues to invite our doctors to the noon News segments to share with the News viewing audience our extraordinary results. The News segments have had a tremendous positive affect on informing the News viewing audience important information in a setting only the News segments can do. The News really does rock! Both CBS News and ABC News!

We listen to the ABC and CBS News for many of our weather and entertainment ideas!

With the News, ABC and CBS News sharing these News segments our extraordinary, scientific approach to addressing the deeper level of the Type II Diabetes and Hypothyroid disease process.. Sometimes News is really News!

The News is really News with this extraordinary, scientific approach to reversing the disease processes. Now that’s News!

Dr. Donald Miller and his dad Dr. Mark Miller of Integrated Health Solutions.

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