The Argan Tree

The Argan Tree

Argan Tree Fruiteracto funciona

What is argan oil? Quite simply, Argan Oil is a plant oil made from argan tree kernels. The argan tree is native to Morocco and is used in food preparation but in recent years has been gaining attention as a key ingredient in personal care items.maxisize

The Argan Tree

The tree from which the wonderful oil comes from is simply called an argan tree. The deep rooted tree is native to Morocco and provides food and shelter for various wildlife. The tree that keeps on giving.ostelife

The Extraction Process

It is quite notable that attempts to modernize the extraction process have been unsuccessful and the main way to extract the oil from the argan nut kernels. For food uses the argan seeds are roasted, grounded and then pressed into a brownish mush that produces pure argan oil.titan premium mellékhatások

The Many Uses of Argan Essential Oil

While the oil from argan seeds has many uses. The most popular uses are with food and skin/hair care. Several claims have been made of the benefits of consuming argan oil in food such as the prevention of some cancers and reduced cholesterol levels.

Argan oil is also used cosmetically for the treatment of some skin diseases as well as forms of acne. Using the oil in hair care products as well has been proven to nourish and feed the hair essential vitamins that are needed for healthy hair. The amount of commercial products with argan oil has increased dramatically since the discovery of the multiple benefits of the oil.