The Best Toning Tummy Exercises by Far

The Best Toning Tummy Exercises by Far

If you are looking for the best toning tummy exercises there is, you’ve come to the right place. To tone your tummy effectively you would have to target all four abdominal areas equally. Most women tackle toning their tummy as if its one muscle. But in order to get that dreamy flat stomach, it’s necessary to understand the anatomy of the abdominals and then you can start to train more effectively. Ok, ready for Anatomy 101?chocolate slim

Your abdominals are made up of four different muscles that work together as a unit. When you do a nice ‘good morning stretch’ you primarily uses your rectus abdominis (the six pack abs). This is the long muscle that runs from the bottom of your pelvis up until underneath your breast bone. When you twist, the emphasis shifts to your internal and external obliques. (This is also where love handles live). The transverse abdominis supports your obliques and also moves when your obliques does. When you train the transverse abdominis, you will get that nice pride funziona

Ok, now that you understand the anatomy of the tummy, we can have a look at the best exercises that incorporate all the mentioned muscles. With out further ado, (I know you are just burning to know the best exercises), here is a list of the best toning tummy exercises by far:

1. Decline crunch medicine ball abs exercise – Emphasizes the rectus abdominals (the six pack)

If you have access to a gym and a gym partner you can easily do this exercise with a medicine ball. Sit on an incline bench and lower your torso as your partner tosses you the ball. Catch it and bring it behind your head. Come up slowly and throw the ball back to your partner. If you are training at home, do a normal crunch with your hands stretched above our head and keep your arms straight (with or without holding weights).

2. Cable Twist – Emphasizes the obliques and the transverse abdominals

If you have access to a gym, fetch yourself a gym ball and attach a cable to the cable pulley machine. Hold the cable (the cable should be stretched) along with the ball in one hand and hold on to the ball with your other. Twist from the waist first to the one side and then to the next. Remember to keep your hips square and to move from the obliques. If you are training from home, do a crunch, but crunch to your left side first and then to your right.

3. Captains chair knee raises – Emphasizes the rectus abdominals (Mostly the lower abs)

If you have access to a gym, this is a very rewarding but also challenging exercise. Position yourself on a captain’s chair in the gym. Bring your legs up (knees bent) and lower knees until they are level with hips. Repeat exercise.

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Along with these great exercises you will also have to watch what you eat. Eating a well balanced diet with lots of lean meat, fruits and veggies will keep the rolls and love handles at bay. If you are thinking of going on a quick weight loss diet, be sure to check out my article on the 7 Day Diet, which contains information about the dangers of fast weight loss diets, as well as the precautions you need to take when doing a fast weight loss diet. You should also check out Supreme Pilates for an indepth look at this great type of Pilates exercise machine.Doing only tummy exercises will not help you see the fat melt. You will also have to incorporate some cardio training as well. For fat loss it is recommended that you do 120 minutes cardio a week (Interval training is best) and to try and be more active throughout your day. The 5 Best Tummy Exercises For Beginners Who Want Washboard Flat Abs If you are a beginner to tummy exercises, and you are looking for an effective abdominal exercise to tone and tighten your stomach, you are in for a treat. This is because you will find here not only one but 4 different, very effective abdominal exercises. What makes them so effective is that they target [...]...

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