What We Know, Don't Know and Should Do  Healthtorial

What We Know, Don't Know and Should Do Healthtorial

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By Lauren Castillo at 6 November, 2008, 5:53 amnicoin

The Research Triangle Environmental Health Collaborative (RTEHC) will host 160 experts and stakeholders from around the world at its kickoff event on November 10-11, 2008. The summit will be held at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. RTEHC’s inaugural event is entitled: “Pharmaceuticals in Water: What We Know, Don’t Know and Should Do.”

“The Research Triangle region has become the epicenter for contemporary thinking about environmental health, and the Collaborative provides a neutral forum to host candid discussions and to provide advice on the most significant issues facing environmental health and related public policy,” said RTEHC chairman Ken Olden, former director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. “There are still many unknowns about pharmaceuticals in the water supply locally, as well as around the world, and we have many experts in our region focused on various solutions.”

This first summit will explore the research needs and possible health consequences of contaminants in our water from the use of pharmaceutical products; and identify innovative solution-oriented recommendations that emphasize research needs, policy changes, education, prevention/intervention programs and other public health solutions/actions.

RTEHC has invited experts and interested parties to talk about each of the following areas: Fate and Transport; Sources of Pollution; Human and Ecological Effects/Risks; Best Management Practices; Education and Communication. Following plenary sessions, there are breakout workgroups to develop recommendations for policy, institutional changes, technology and future research on each of these specific topics.

The keynote speakers are Herb Buxton (USGS) and Hal Zenick (EPA) providing scientific background, Ron Bloom (FDA) and Suzanne Rudzinski (EPA) discussing the regulatory landscape and John Sumpter (University of Brunel Department of Biological Sciences) offering the European perspective.

Damian Shea (NC State Department of Biology), Howard Weinberg (UNC Environmental Sciences and Engineering) and Mike Williams (NC State Animal & Poultry Waste Management Center) will lead a workgroup on Fate and Transport and Sources of Pollution.

Richard Di Giulio (Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment), Jim Lazorchak (EPA) and Keith Solomon (University of Guelph Centre for Toxicology and Department of Environmental Biology) will talk about Human and Ecological Effects/Risks.

Christian Daughton (EPA) and Doug Finan (GlaxoSmithKline) will discuss Best Management Practices.

Rachel Golden Smith (NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources), Kathleen Gray (UNC Environmental Resource Program) and Mike Newton-Ward (NC Division of Public Health) will facilitate dialogue about Education and Communication.

A priority for the Summit is to assure a broad and experienced group of participants representing wide areas of expertise and diverse views from their leadership in Federal, State, and local governments; academia, industry, and public interest organizations. The Collaborative will also prepare an informed, balanced and non-partisan report of the Summit deliberations for publication and distribution.

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Is this meeting going to include anything about this item I saw:http://www.newsrx.com/press-releases/6062.html

Not sure if its legit, but it talks about a machine that can detect drugs in water in real time.

Hey, I think it is great you make the time to do these. They are very helpful. Hope you are having fun.

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